mixed raced, Third Culture Kid (TCK), the artist is born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1983 to a mixed raced half Norwegian, half Angolan mother and a white Portuguese father. The artist immigrated to the UK aged 15, where she still lives and works today.

Exploring ideas of power and powerlessness, perception, labels and belonging - her autobiographical work centres around an investigative process into her own fragmented identity, with each new series seeking to explore a different facet of herself. 

Through states of flow, induced by the process of making, the artist overcomes her own painful reality by continuously transmuting her pain into colour. Directly influenced by the creative process of Matisse’s cut-outs, the artist cuts, paints and glues mixed media onto canvas through an exhaustive process lasting 3-6 months in duration, resulting in a multilayered, multifaceted artwork.

Using mirrored paper throughout her work it is the artist’s intention that the viewer will catch glimpses of themselves whilst looking at the work, and thus transported into the canvas, becoming part of the work - where they too, may choose to let go of their own pain through her work.

My practice truly directs my self-actualisation - as a human being walking a finite path towards my very own extinction, above all - I seek to think deeply about things and make things, whilst thinking deeply.’’